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You Have 1 Life, Take Good Care of It.

About Us

Selfcare Leadership is a digital service providing a safe and judgment-free community for having the tough conversations you normally wouldn't share with your family member and close friends.

It's free to join our community, to write, read, watch, listen and share stories as well as receive support from the community leaders.

Our wellness-focused collaboration and communication app provides resources to plan, launch and manage your self-care routine successfully. We connect you with some of the best coaches in the world and make it possible to have real-time live conversations to alleviate the real-world causes behind your anxiety or depression.

We are not a public social media platform. This is an invite-only private community and you can have a fully anonymous profile to comfortably share what you have in your mind and heart, without feeling shy or fearing judgment.

Our community members also get integrated access to the wellbeing programs and resources, 24/7 expert support, live experiences, and personalized coaching services.

Why You Should Join Us

Because speaking freely and fearlessly is the antidote to all our problems.

Too many people worry about reaching out for help during a crisis, so they lose control of their life due to their inability to speak their truth, deal with their reality, and accept life as it is.

We want you to remember that even non-threatening situations can escalate quickly into a crisis, especially if you stay quiet about them. 

Our community members and leaders are here for you when life gets tough. 

Join our mighty movement and let's talk about it.

A Big Thanks

Special thanks to our community leaders and guest speakers who follow a multi-dimensional self-care process and purposeful engagement in strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance wellbeing.

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